Project Ideas

The first step in trying to fill in my portfolio was to research some different kinds of projects that I should include. My portfolio only consist of a few school projects that I’m too embarrassed by at the moment. I began my list with a simple google search.


Of course this brought up millions of results, but I just looked at the first few pages that came up. There were several ideas that were included on multiple lists, such as creating a page for a local business or recreating an existing site, and there were some more interesting ideas that only appeared once or twice, like developing snippets of a page, such as UI elements or creating an HTML 5 game. From these ideas I compiled one list with the projects that either interested me, or seemed like they would be an essential component of a good portfolio.

Project Ideas

  • Redesign a real website
  • Design a page for a local business
  • Redesign the mobile site for a real website
  • Design a WordPress theme
  • Code a design from
  • Create an HTML 5 game
  • Code User Interface Elements
    • Contact Us Form
    • Sign Up Flow
    • A set of buttons
    • A JavaScript gallery
  • Create a blog
  • Create an online quiz
  • Create an informative site

I’m sure there are many other things that I could make for my portfolio, but I think this list is a good jumping off point. I have already started on one idea (creating a blog) as you can see. I hope to get through many of the items on this list in the coming months and come out the other end as a stronger developer. I am challenging myself to work on web development every day, even if just for a few moments, until I find my dream job.

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