Mama Mia’s Pizzeria Stage 2 – Research

To begin the second stage of my website redesign for Mama Mia’s Pizzeria I pulled up the websites for several other pizzerias around me. I picked other small family restaurants, like Mama Mia’s, as well as some small and medium pizza chains. My goal is to find what information other pizza restaurants are including in their sites, how they layout their pages/navigation, and the general design style that they tend to follow.

Using an excel spreadsheet I made a chart showing the different pages each of the sites have. Obviously every site has a homepage, and they all had menus in one form or another. The majority of the sites also had a locations page, even one that only had one location. One feature that a lot of the sites have that Mama Mia’s does not is links to their social media pages. Seven out of the nine pages I looked at had social media links. Of course many of the sites had pages about their restaurants, and the option to order pizza online. Almost all of the sites used a third party service to offer online ordering.

The bigger chains generally had information about jobs, gift cards, and catering, while the smaller restaurants did not. About half of the websites I looked at had a newsletter that customers could sign up for receive news and special offers. I only saw one other site with coupons directly on their webpage like Mama Mia’s.  Another page that most sites didn’t have is a photo gallery. Most sites incorporated photos throughout the other pages on their site, or included a photo gallery on the homepage. I think that this would be a better option for Mama Mia’s. This would add more content to the sparse homepage and remove the current dysfunctional photo gallery.

Looking at this information I think it would be beneficial for Mama Mia’s site to add a contact page, social media links, an about page, and a newsletter. I think the addition of a newsletter should remove the need for coupons directly on the website. Instead they should have rotating specials that are sent directly to consumers who sign up for the newsletter.


One thing all of the sites have in common, of course, is the menu page. Mama Mia’s is the only site I looked at that only offers a PDF of their menu. The other sites offer either a web-based menu, or a web-based menu and the option to download a PDF. Offering a web-based menu is especially helpful for those on mobile or slow internet connections, because it takes a lot longer to load a PDF file than a webpage. A web-based menu can be navigated more simply by adding links to specific sections of the menu. I think a web-based menu would be a good addition to the Mama Mia’s Website.


Another thing I looked at across all of the sites is the colors that were used. Mama Mia’s is primarily black, white, red with accents of green, and gold. As you can see in the following pie chart many of the sites I went to also used black, white, and red as their primary colors. Many of the sites also use green and/or gold as accent colors.


Seeing this information I that sticking with the same basic color palette should be fine moving forward.

Given this information I feel confident in moving forward with the site redesign for Mama Mia’s pizzeria. To recap my findings:

I would like to add:

  • Contact page
  • Social Media Links
  • Newsletter
  • Web-based menu
  • Photo gallery to homepage

And I would like to remove:

  • Coupons
  • Photos page

I would like to keep the same color palette, though I do plan to modernize the design and branding.

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