Mama Mia’s Pizzeria Stage 4 – Branding Part 1



Existing Logo


Updated Logo


Example of updated logo as it would appear on the homepage

As I continue to work on the design for the homepage, I decided to take a break and create a very simple, updated version of the existing logo for Mama Mia’s. This is not a final version by any means, hence the title of this post, but it does help to see a more clear vision of the what the site will look like. The existing logo is low-res and has a lot going on, so I just scaled back some of the features in the logo and focused on what I felt were the more important aspects.

This is just the first design that came to my mind when I thought about how to update this logo, so I’m sure I will go back and sketch some more ideas and of course play with the typography and smooth out the line work.


Reworked the logo a tad, here is the updated look at it.



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