Mama Mia’s Pizzeria Stage 4 – Branding Part 2

In preparation for the menu page design for the website I decided to tackle redesigning the pdf version of Mama Mia’s menu. The current menu is dated and hard to read and I really wanted the new version to match the branding that I’ve already created for the website redesign. This is my first time designing a menu, and the first time doing any real graphic design work in years, but I think I was able to achieve my goals.

My goals for this redesign:

  • Modernize the menu
  • Improve readability
  • Match the design to the branding I’ve created

Here are some side by sides of the original design and my redesign.

For the cover, I decided to keep things very simple and I stuck very close with the design that I used on the website. This cover is essentially the header that I used across the website.

For reference, here is a screenshot of the website beside the menu cover.

The next page was very crowded, so I ended up breaking it up into two pages to improve the readability. The last section, with the Stromboli and Calzones is from page 4 in the original menu, but I thought it fit better here.

The pizza page contained a lot of information, and I felt like the toppings list was not user friendly. I decided to break the toppings down by category and give them more space on the page.

I am really pleased with how the last page came out. Because I moved the Stromboli and Calzones Section I was able to have plenty of space on the last page for a large image. The sections on this page were all small a easy to manage compared to some of the other pages of the menu.

I also decided to make a final page for the menu, I guess it would be the back cover for a print menu, although I did not create spreads, just individual pages since I knew I was intending this for web use only. I thought that this would be a more appropriate place to list the locations/hours/phone/etc. Originally this information was on the front cover.


You can view the full PDF [HERE].

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